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Gas-Permeable Scleral Contact Lenses

What Medical Eye Problems Can Benefit??
Any condition of the front corneal surface of the eye affected either due to
  1. An abnormality from birth (genetic)
  2. A development defect (Keratoconus/genetic)
  3. Diseases affecting the tears and thus causing the cornea to malfunction
  4. Corneal disease and any problems caused
  5. Accidents & Trauma to cornea
  6. Post operative - corneal induced problems due to imperfect healing
The following list are some of the above instances:
  • Keratoconus
  • Post Corneal Graft
    • Induced Astigmatism
  • Post Laser Treatment
    • Induced Irregular Astigmatism
    • Dry Eyes.
  • Dystrophies
    • Corneal Breakdown
  • Terriens / Pellucid
    • Limbal Problems
  • Stevens-Johnstone Syndrome (Insufficent Tears)
  • Sjorgen's Syndrome (Insufficent Tears)
  • Keratitis Sicca (Insufficent Tears)
  • Exposurse Keratitis
  • Radiation Problems
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Post Cateract Removal
  • Cosmetic Uses (Accident Trauma Scars) (Unsightly Appearance )

Non Medical

  • High Ametropia(Refractive Errors)
  • Usually Over + 20 Dioptres And Over 6 Dioptres Of Astigmatism
  • Problems With Corneal And Soft Contact Lenses

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