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July 27th 2012

Dear Olympian

My 30 years experience as an optician specialising in contact lenses (click on above images to view) has given me the opportunity to help previous Olympians, both to correct visual errors and to enhance and aid normal vision.

This experience has given me intimate knowledge into the importance that fully corrected vision has to an athlete. For an athlete to perform at their best on the day, they require the best binocular and stereopic vision possible, with any visual disturbance or discomfort having a significant impact on their ability.

I would therefore like to offer my services to any existing wearers of contact lenses who experience any form of discomfort, irritation, visual disturbance or dry eyes. I am offering free consultations and advice to any Olympian or Olympic hopeful who is referred to me in order to help them in the run-up to the London games.  
For athletes who are in contact sports where normal lenses might displace, or where more protection is necessary, scleral hard lenses or ortho-k lenses (corneal refractive therapy) are specifically available.

Scleral lenses are made of a rigid gas-permeable material, and are larger than regular lenses, protecting the eye and reducing risk of lenses moving or falling out.
Ortho-K Lenses are made of a similar gas-permeable material and are worn at night to reshape the cornea, resulting in fully corrected daytime vision without glasses, contact lenses or surgery, with no additional risks to regular contact lens use.

Contact lenses can not only be a benefit to athletes with visual impairments, but can also be used to enhance and aid the vision in the fast paced and challenging environments that they perform in, achieving perfect visual clarity and protection from glare and brightness.

Soft, fully tinted Lenses are available to enhance clarity and contour recognition for sharper contrast and crisp clear vision. They are ideal for all fast moving sports, where tracking a ball is important, and others for bright sunlight where glare & comfort are primary concerns, minimising squinting and avoiding muscle fatigue. They are available in two tints, with the amber lenses being suited to ball sports, and the grey/green lenses suited for all sports played in bright sunlight.
Furthermore the lenses also:

  • Block specific wavelengths of light - details appear clearer and “pop” off the background
  • Filter out more than 90% of harmful blue light & 95% of UVA & UVB
  • Are made of durable low maintenance materials that handle the rigors of sport.
  • NO SPECTACLE FRAME or nosepiece obstruction, no lens fogging or fit issues.

Although the Olympics is fast approaching, it is still NOT too late for Olympic athletes and hopefuls to do something if they have any concerns about their vision correction for their particular sport. Having trained to full physical and mental preparedness, clear and uninhibited vision is an absolute necessity that should be an integral part of the preparation.
Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your specific needs and to see if I can be of any help.

Finally, to all Olympic athletes and hopefuls, I wish you every success in London and wish you all good health in your training and on your coming endeavours.

Best Wishes,

Sam Silver       


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