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Gas-Permeable Scleral Contact Lenses

Patients Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Are they expensive?

As scleral contact lenses can last for many years, in the long term they are very much cheaper than conventional and Disposable types, initial costs are more but payments can be made over an agreed period. Inability to afford does not exclude suitable patients from fitting.

2.) How long does a fitting take?
Usually several sessions are needed. If necessary a full day could be utilised.

3.) Are they easy to insert and remove?

Usually one of several different methods suits someone the best and with practice becomes second nature ultimately many people can do it in complete darkness if necessary!

4.) Are they difficult and expensive to maintain?
No! They can be washed and rinsed with normal saline, stored and sterilised like all conventional lenses.

5.) Do they hurt/break in the eye? or drop out easily?
No! Because of their larger size resting on the white of the eye, well underneath the lids - makes them secure from falling out and comfortable as the lids glide over the smooth front surface without any edge contact. Their additional thickness makes them much stronger - but they are still brittle and could crack if mishandled.

6.) What if I have allergies?
Different gas-permeable lens material are available and the best suitable to your problem can be used.

7.) What about after-care and follow up?
This is continuous and annual for fully fitted non-medical cases. Any medical cases must be seen following final fitting for an appraisal by an Ophthalmologist, and follow up as recommended.


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